Message To International Nurses Applicants

We are affiliate with Universal Staffing Solutions and offer the best source for your career transition to United States. We have bright and knowledgeable professionals who can make an immediate and profound impact on your job placement, immigration and allocation process. Our relationships with healthcare facilities across the United States enable us to locate the most suitable nursing job position for you in the most time-efficient manner.

While working with Council for Global Exchange with Universal Staffing Solutions, you will find us to be a dedicated team, each with our own strengths to accommodate your specific needs. We will handle all the hassles and deliver only effective and pleasurable experience.

Company Background

Council for Global Exchange (CGEX) is a healthcare staffing, J-1 Exchange program recruiting organization founded by healthcare and Internship business professionals and especially affiliated with Universal Staffing Solutions(USS) which company is more than 15+ years of staffing expertise. We are specialized in temporary to permanent placement for Registered Nurses, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and other medical professionals with hospitals, nursing homes, medical clinics, etc. across the U.S. Affiliating with Universal Staffing Solutions, CGEX got the exclusiveness for recruiting international Register Nurses from Japan and Korea.

Both of CGEX and USS consisted of two staffing divisions: US domestic staffing division, and international staffing division.

With our international division, we provide the most DIVERSE and stable staffing model as an US Employer and Sponsor/Petitioner for foreign educated healthcare and other skilled professionals. This Company model and structure has provided the upmost reassurance and success to our applicants’ immigration petitions and job allocations!

In the past 15+ years of international recruitments, through our medical network and subsidiaries, we have successfully recruited and sponsored more than 900+ international healthcare professionals into the US; many of them have either completed their employment terms, or continuing to work in our contracted healthcare facilities.

International Nursing Recruitment Program

Our Company has actively seeking “qualified international nursing graduates”. Through interviewing and screening process, we will provide USCIS sponsorship (Employment-Based Preferences) for these nursing candidates to successfully obtain their US Permanent Resident Status and achieve their dreams of working as a nurse in the United States. Under the current US Visa Bulletin, the approximate time frame for an international nursing candidate to receive his/her Permanent Resident Status is between 14 to 28 months (after submission of the applicant’s USCIS sponsorship application).

Our Comprehensive Package

  • Immigration consultation
  • Future Job Interview training (after arrival to US Permanent Resident Status, before applicant’s final job interview with nursing directors at our contracted healthcare facilities. Example: hospitals, or nursing homes)
  • Orientations & Transportations (example: airport pickup after arrival to US with Permanent Resident Status; housing arrangements and others)

Requirement For Nursing Applicants (prior to job commencement):

  • English Proficiency
  • Recent Clinical Experiences (prefer minimum of 2 years experiences, prior to arrival to US with Permanent Resident Status)

Employment Terms & Benefits

  • 2 years with the employer (immigration visa sponsor)
  • Salary & Compensation (Range from $22 – $45 USD per hour, depending on nursing specialty, years of clinical experiences, future US work location, and in conjunction with other benefits)
  • Paid vacation
  • Insurances (Medical, Vision, Life, Dental, Professional Liability, Worker’s Compensation)
  • Relocation moving fees within the US (if applies)

I-140 – Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker, Nurses
Procedure Flow

Prevailing Wage Determination , 'PWD'(Employment Development Department, EDD)

  • (Time frame: 2 – 3 months)
  • PWD Issuance
  • Note: Applicant’s “Supporting Documents as indicated on the Checklist ” is not needed at this stage
  • USS issue “Payment Notice” to Applicant, 1st Installment Due

'I-140 application submission + PWD' to USCIS

  • The I-140 application & PWD will be submitted together with Applicant’s “Supporting Documents as indicated on the Checklist” (including college diploma, transcript, birth certificate/family household registeration, etc)
  • (Time frame: 3 – 4 Weeks of preparation)

USCIS issue I-140 Receipt (Packet 1)

  • Receipt #s
  • With I-140 Receipt #, applicant may track his/her case on (US Immigration Website)
  • Priority Date
  • (Time frame: 2 – 3 weeks after I-140 submission)
  • USS issue “Payment Notice” to Applicant, 2nd Installment Due

I-140 Approval (Packet 2)

  • (Time frame: 1 month – 24 months); depending on the USCIS case worker’s processing time. In any case, it will not affect the “Priority Date” as indicated on the I-140 receipt.

National Visa Center (NVC) (Packet 3)

  • Immigration Visa Application
  • (Time frame: 1 month – 4 months)

Immigrant Visa Interview (Packet 4, Immigrant Visa Issuance)

  • Conducted at Applicant’s native country (US Embassy)
  • (Time frame: Approximately 12 – 30 months from the Applicant’s “I-140 receipt issuance and Priority Date”)

Arrival to US

  • (Time Frame: 1 month after passing the Immigrant Visa Interview)
  • Applicant’s Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) will be given in the US after arrival